reliability and maintenance engineering

An asset’s organisational goal is to achieve and maintain its optimum desired production capacity. This requires equipment to operate at a specified level of reliability and an adequate maintenance strategy to sustain that reliability level. A change in any of these three factors (production capacity, reliability and maintenance strategy) will have an effect on the others.
Over time significant equipment maintenance history is collected which should be used to assess the performance of equipment. This will determine the effectiveness of the maintenance strategy in achieving required reliability level and allow for the optimisation of the maintenance strategy.
Hisark can support an asset’s optimum production through provision of expertise in development and optimisation of maintenance strategies to support reliability.
Hisark can provide support in:

  • ​Development of maintenance strategy

  • Review and optimisation of maintenance strategy

  • Build and review of asset equipment register

  • Equipment reliability review

  • Failure mode and root cause analysis

  • Resource support

  • Training


Having the right spare and/or support available during a breakdown can be the difference between a timely repair and an extended breakdown which can have an impact on production goals. However, not every spare item can be stocked due to cost impact on inventory and/or inability to store the item.
Equipment, spare parts and technical support will eventually become obsolete over time due to manufacturers advances in technology and as such should be managed.
Hisark can support an asset’s understanding and management of spares and obsolescence.
Hisark can provide support in:

  • Spares analysis

  • Development of spares management strategy

  • Review and optimisation of spares strategy

  • ​Obsolescence and supportability management.


Projects are setup to assist an organisation in achieving its goals. Hisark can provide support in ensuring project are effectively managed to produce acceptable deliverables.